• Title: O (偶)
  • Artist: Queen Wei
  • Runtime: 4:40   Language: Mandarin
  • Date: April 24, 2016

As the second song of Queen Wei's 2016 new album, Queen's Way, O (偶) is a narrative that unfolds an honest process of self-exploration - as the lyrics says, "give me an O", where "O" refers to "me". The song links the abstract concepts of love and self together to the single-syllabic phonetic sound, "O", this song shows one's utter desperation to rediscover oneself.

The MV manifests a genuine account of Queen herself. In the beginning, she wonders if anyone will hear her voice; if not, then will anyone know how to love her. Her existence on the street is disregarded by every passer-by, until when Didi Ou-Yang encounters her and joins in her self-exploration voyage. The MV and the song are genuine representations as Didi Ou-Yang is Queen's friend in real life. Ultimately, Queen's song reveals that us humans are social beings that yearn to be bonded with someone else. No matter it is a lover or a friend, regardless of age and gender, a person who is able to hear your true voice and know your real self take significant part in our self-understanding progress.

Queen will hold a series of events with regards to the release of her new album in different parts in Taiwan. On 24/4, Queen is holding an eponymous music concert in The Legacy in Taipei. Following, there are two signing and show case events in Gaoxiong on 31/4 and Taichung on 1/5.

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