• Bio
  • Hsieh Ho-hsien (謝和弦)
  • Also known as R-Chord.
  • Born in Nantou, Taiwan on April 15, 1987 (Aries)
  • Influenced by his grandfather at a young age to play the guitar.
  • By 16, he had written 50-60 songs and won first prize in a songwriting competition.
  • Acted in various Taiwanese dramas, such as KO One and The X-Family.
  • Won a contract with record label HIM International Music (which he didn’t take)
  • Played underground music with his band SEA-LEVEL.
  • Record Labels: Warner Music Taiwan, Asia Muse
  • Albums: My Name is Xie He Xian. It's My Real Name, Growing Up, The Crazy Ones
  • Popular songs: “Gou Ai,” “Wu La Ba Ha,” “Guo Lai Ren,” “Xie He Xian,” " Love Doesn't Need To Pretend"
  • Videos
When love is here, the entire world is lightened; when love is gone, the past love scattered with minimal lights and turned the...
“You’re the King but I’m not your Queen.” R-Chord (謝和弦) did an amazing collaboration with Jess...
No man is an island. This is why when one goes through separation or farewell, loneliness hits too close to home. In the song,...
Included in R-Chord's (謝和弦) album Time to Let the World Know (要你知道), The Apple (蘋果) was first created by...
With a happy and thankful heart, R-Chord wrote a love song for his newly wedded wife, KT (Keanna Taiyh). The song “Thanks...
The journey of chasing your dreams is tough and arduous, but when you believe in yourself and persevere, you can succeed one...
Featured in the album The Crazy Ones, the song "This Is The Last Time" by R-Chord is about remembering a past...
  • Albums
  • Time To Let The World Know (要你知道)
  • Album  ·  September 15, 2016
  1. Braveheart (本事)
  2. Music Is Our Dream (每一個玩音樂的人)
  3. Thanks For Your Love (謝謝妳愛我)
  4. I Want You To Know (就是要你知道)
  5. Light Pollution (光害)
  6. All Endings Are Beginnings (不愛,也是愛我)
  7. Satisfy (足夠)
  8. Unwilling (你甘攏袂不甘)
  9. So Happy To See You (看到你就黑皮)
  10. Without You (在沒有你以後) Ft. Z-Chen
  11. The Apple (蘋果) - ft. E-SO
  12. Yes, Sir. 報告那個班長
  • The Crazy Ones
  • Album  ·  June 5, 2015
  1. Hasn't Your Mom Ever Told You That?
  2. You Know What, Girl?
  3. Save Me (feat. Renée Chen)
  4. This Is The Last Time
  5. Let It Be
  6. Taipei Taipei
  7. Feel Good (feat. Kimberley Chen)
  8. Bad Student
  9. That Will Be Super Cool
  10. Willingly
  11. Love Doesn't Need To Pretend (feat. Diana Wang)
  12. Rock Isn't Dead (feat. TRASH, DUBU, EV, Allen Wes)
  13. Embrace Failure
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