• Title: Light Pollution (光害)
  • Artist: R-Chord
  • Runtime: 4:29   Language: Mandarin
  • Date: December 10, 2017

When love is here, the entire world is lightened; when love is gone, the past love scattered with minimal lights and turned the world dark. This is how R-Chord (謝和弦) described the gone-love in his newest single, Light Pollution (光害).

Composed and written by R-Chord, Light Pollution is created for a musical microfilm with the same name. The lyric started with the apart moment when the girl broke up the relationship without any tears or feelings for the guy. However, the guy still loved her and worries who would take his role to take care of her going forward. Looking back, the girl used to confess her love to him and dreamed of their future together; however, when time came, the love and all the dreams were gone, dimming the brightness of the guy's world into subtle glow worm, like light pollutions.

The music video used plots from the microfilm to tell the story behind R-Chord's song. In the MV, a boy and a girl groomed their love in a village while they were students. The boy was very passionate about photography, whereas the girl wanted to go to the big city to fulfill her dreams. Although they had the happiest time together in the village, they ended up with going to the city, in which the boy studied photography and the girl worked in a restaurant. Unfortunately, after they blended into the society, the pressure and different environment changed their believes, and they became apart. At the end, the love is gone and they have lost the dream they made together when they were back in the village.

Although people not always stay with their first loves, they all remember the sweetness and experience they had in those relationships. Love groomed at early ages is hard to retain, primarily due to the different environment the couples are in once they are a part of the social network. When looking back, those used to brighten the world may have become pollution to the self.

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