• Title: Thanks for your love (謝謝妳愛我)
  • Artist: R-Chord
  • Runtime: 3:47   Language: Mandarin
  • Date: December 4, 2016

With a happy and thankful heart, R-Chord wrote a love song for his newly wedded wife, KT (Keanna Taiyh). The song “Thanks For Your Love” was featured in his recent album “Time To Let The World Know”.

KT agreed to marry R-Chord in May, which moved him to compose and write this song, to thank her for staying by him through his life’s ups and downs. The lyrics of the song are sincere yet humorous, displaying R-Chord’s distinctive music style. It started with recounts of how KT had helped R-Chord when he was down, and then thanking her for loving him, even though he looks like the Japanese handsome actor, Takeshi Kaneshiro. The song ended with a pun with the 3 words “謝太太”, bearing the meaning of both “Mrs Hsieh” and “Thank you, my wife”.

Keanna and R-Chord themselves appeared in the MV, which is directed by Chang Ching Yu. The MV shows the couple’s sweet daily interactions, and that happiness is spending time together everyday. It ended with a beautiful scene where KT wears a white wedding dress, and the couple kisses on the rooftop.

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