• Title: Without You (在沒有你以後) Ft. Z-Chen
  • Artist: R-Chord
  • Runtime: 3:50   Language: Mandarin
  • Date: July 2, 2017

No man is an island. This is why when one goes through separation or farewell, loneliness hits too close to home.

In the song, “Without You” (在沒有你以後), R-Chord and Z-Chen (張智成) delicately sing the thoughts and feelings of a lonely person, who misses a loved one dearly. The song is featured in R-Chord’s latest album “Time To Let The World Know” (要你知道) and is composed and written by R-Chord himself. The lyrics is cleverly written like a monologue, though simple and straightforward, it presents the emotions of losing an important person of one’s life in the most raw and intense manner.

In the MV, both R-Chord and Z-Chen seem to be acting as the voices for people who are struggling with sadness and loneliness without having their loved ones around them. The video features stories of different type of relationships – love, kinship, friendship, as well as companionship (pets). The pain and anguish is ingeniously and interestingly expressed through the video’s cinematography, where a stark contrast of tears always come after memories of happiness. However, at the climax, both R-Chord and Z-Chen “shot” themselves, which seem to hint that a part of them has died when they lose someone important and are unable to move on. “Without you, I have nothing else.” With the visual impact of the video, the last line of the lyrics has definitely struck a chord in all the lonely hearts, as well as being a form of catharsis for them.

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