• Title: GOLDEN TOWER feat. Mirei Touyama
  • Artist: RADIO FISH
  • Runtime: 2:50   Language: Japanese
  • Date: August 14, 2016

"GOLDEN TOWER," featuring Mirei Touyama (當山みれい), is the latest single from Japanese group RADIO FISH. "GOLDEN TOWER," much like "PERFECT HUMAN" (another recent RADIO FISH single), is about a partying with a mysterious, rich, and strangely powerful figure embodied by singer Atsuhiko Nakata. Whether Nakata is supposed to be the same figure in both videos is unclear. Though the MV for "GOLDEN TOWER" is far more surrealist than the MV for "PERFECT HUMAN," both its MV and the song itself carry over many of the prior song's themes.

There is a similar balance between Nakata and the other singers, with Nakata's vocals absent for much of the song except for enigmatic appearances during the chorus. Both songs also feature their own begging-to-be-learned dances, although the one in "GOLDEN TOWER" may be more difficult to learn due to the video's freeze-frame editing style.

RADIO FISH will be performing live at the SUMMER SONIC FESTIVAL 2016 on August 20 in Tokyo, and will be at their PERFECT SUMMER event on August 26 in Akasaka.

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