• Artist: RADIO FISH
  • Runtime: 5:31   Language: Japanese
  • Date: May 22, 2016

"PERFECT HUMAN" is one of the newest singles from RADIO FISH and it is a fast-paced rap-style track. It features founding members (and Oriental Radio comedy duo) Atsuhiko Nakata and Shingo Fujimori as the so-called "Perfect Human" and a guest to his mansion, respectively. Fujimori, looking nervous, journeys to an exclusive and overwhelming party at the Perfect Human's home, and eventually joins in and lets loose.

"PERFECT HUMAN" hails Nakata as the new god of his world, a world in which there are winners and losers and the losers must answer to him. Nakata's name appears many times as part of the lyrics, chanted in refrain. The MV features RADIOFISH's characteristically memorable dance moves, with first the group itself and finally the entire party moving in amped up, flawless synchronicity with Perfect Human Nakata in the lead. The dance is infectious: once you start watching, you might not be able to stop from joining in!

RADIO FISH is scheduled to perform live in Tokyo in August 2016.

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