• Title: Rookie
  • Artist: Red Velvet
  • Runtime: 3:51   Language: Korean
  • Date: February 5, 2017

Red Velvet has made a comeback with the release of their fourth mini-album and single of the same name, Rookie. With its vibrant music video and infectious beat, Rookie will no doubt be a hit on people’s playlists this year!

The song is fast but the feel stays light enough to convey the tongue-in-cheek content of the lyrics of a budding love without being too heavy or melodramatic. Though the song’s title, Rookie, would suggest being about a crush who is new to love, it ends up sounding more like Red Velvet are the rookies, since they sing about freezing with anxiety and nervousness upon setting eyes on their ‘rookie rookie boy.’ Then again, it’s a lighthearted pop love song that need not be analyzed too deeply.

The song’s beat is driven by a refreshing “live band” sound and has a great funk feel to it. There’s even electric guitar and full brass arrangements (hats off to production team, The Colleagues!) This energy transfers well to the music video, which is a a colorful and dreamlike escape drawing on the imagery of Alice in Wonderland. The choreography is sassy and Red Velvet oozes attitude throughout.

Red Velvet chose an perfect pop tune to make their comeback with, so don’t miss out and be sure and check out the song and video!

Watch Red Velvet - Rookie - Dance Practice Video
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