• Title: Russian Roulette (러시안 룰렛)
  • Artist: Red Velvet
  • Runtime: 3:31   Language: Korean
  • Date: September 11, 2016

Red Velvet just released a new music video for their song, Russian Roulette, which is the first song featured in their new 3rd mini album. The song plays on the idea of the dangerous Russian Roulette game.

In the lyrics, the girls sing about how this love between them and this other guy is like the Russian Roulette game. The girls mention that the guy is avoiding them. The girls make his heart beat faster and faster. In a sense, even though the guy is taking the chance to play the game, he is nervous because he is afraid of this love. If he doesn't use the gun correctly, he can miss and the consequences will be fatal. But the girls reassure him that even though the game is risky, he should trust them as they will help him aim at the right place in his heart, eventually making him fall in love with them.

To reflect the “danger” and riskiness of Russian Roulette, the music video features the girls doing dangerous things at each other such as making a fridge fall on top of another member or pushing a locker down to fall on the next member. The “violence” is covered by an old-time black and white cartoon.

The music video has a choreography with the humor and playful music which also connects with the idea that even though Russian Roulette is a fun game, there is also something deeper and not funny about it. The song was composed and arranged by Albi Albertsson, Belle Humble, and Markus Lindell.

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