• Title: Ballad (歌謠)
  • Artist: Ronghao Li
  • Runtime: 5:58   Language: Mandarin
  • Date: September 24, 2017

Music is a powerful thing that can evoke one’s deepest and truest emotions. It can remind one of his first love, his family or his homeland, which brings bittersweet tears of both joy and sadness. For those who are working overseas, music is probably one of the things that brings heart-warming memories and comfort to the lonely heart that longs to be home.

In Ronghao Li’s (李榮浩) latest single Ballad (歌謠), he dedicates the song to those who are pursuing their career away from home. Written and composed by Ronghao himself, the song not only talks about one’s feeling of missing his family and homeland, but also how he encourages himself to never give up in the face of challenges. In the lyrics, Ronghao tugged the heartstring of the audience as he painted a vivid image of one leaving home to start a career - how parents subtly show their worry and concern, how determined and courageous it is to leave home, and how ballads of one’s hometown bring one through the difficulties of being away. Ronghao also composed the song in a way that deviates slightly from his usual insouciant style, adopting a more direct and sincere tone with the listener.

Ronghao Li collaborated with famous director Fu Tien-Yu (傅天余) to create the music video that is filmed like a movie. Ronghao also showed his superb acting skills, acting as a man who leaves home to work in a shipyard. Although there is almost no climax in the video, only realistic scenes of people hard at work, moments of the protagonist missing home and his pursuit of a budding love, the music video weaved into the song perfectly. It brings the story in the lyrics alive and could even bring a tear to your eye as the scene ends with the protagonist’s normal conversation with his mother.

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