• Title: En (嗯)
  • Artist: Ronghao Li
  • Runtime: 3:59   Language: Mandarin
  • Date: June 18, 2017

Ronghao Li is back with a new song, “En” (嗯), surprising his fans with the rarely seen rebellious side of him!

The song cleverly uses the word “En”, which is commonly used as a mark of acknowledgement or positive expression in daily converations. However, for youths that are undergoing the rebellious phase, “En” expresses their nonchalant attitude to things in general, as well as an arrogance of being young and free to experiment with anything they want. This is also perhaps the intention of Ronghao Li, who is also the writer and composer, as he explores teenagers’ defiance, struggles and their transition to adulthood in the song.

In the music video, several types of youths were featured, including those facing examinations, exploring love and sex, bullying, etc. These characters depicted acts of defiance youths commonly commit, yet Ronghao Li is seen standing amongst them singing mostly without any obvious expression and seemingly out of their world. It is perhaps to express that those who are in adulthood have gone through the rebellious stage and these are memories that brings back a certain air of nostalgia. Therefore, the song is composed in a retro slow rock, yet with the rhythmic heavy beats in its music composition.

Ronghao Li will be having his concert “An Ideal World Tour Concert” on September 16 in Taiwan.

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