• Artist: SALU
  • Runtime: 4:35   Language: Japanese
  • Date: May 28, 2017

"WALK THIS WAY" is the first track on SALU's newest album, "INDIGO." The entire video for "WALK THIS WAY" was filmed in New York.

The QR code which appears mid-video will take you to a survey (the survey is in Japanese: The first question is your gender, and the second is your age). Once the survey has been answered, you will be given a link to a special "hidden" website where you can listen to more of SALU's new album and look at a gallery of beautifully shot promotional images.

"WALK THIS WAY" is a song of regret and self-reflection after being left by one's significant other. SALU's character in the song realizes that it is partially due to his own actions -- staying out late while his lover had a lonely night at home -- that this breakup occurred. And now that his lover is gone, SALU sings, he understands their feelings. The title of the song, "WALK THIS WAY," refers to walking on alone, both figuratively and literally; experiencing the emotional aftermath of this parting of ways.

SALU is scheduled to perform live in a one-man concert on June 22nd, 2017 in Shibuya, Japan.

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