• Title: Yoru ni Nakusu (夜に失くす) feat. Yurufuwa Gang (Ryugo Ishida, Sophiee)
  • Artist: SALU
  • Runtime: 4:04   Language: Japanese
  • Date: June 4, 2017

Yoru ni Nakusu is a rap song from the album INDIGO sang by Salu in collaboration with Ryugo Ishida and Sophiee. The lyrics are written by Salu, Ryugo Ishida and Sophiee. The music video is recorded in a place full of containers and is a bit claustrophobic, the song, instead is really easy to listen to especially because of Sophiee's voice, which makes it even better.

This song invites everyone to start dancing because dancing makes you feel free and it is fun. It communicates the needs to be distracted from the routine, indeed, the song says “outside is dark”, the dance floor becomes a place where you can forget your life and you can forget to be yourself while dancing with the people around you.

Yoru ni Nakusu tries to communicate how claustrophobic is to always live the same life without having some fun, we need to have fun sometimes and start dancing without being afraid of anything.

SALU is scheduled to perform live in his one-man concert on June 22nd at Shibuya WWW.

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