• Title: Sasanqua (サザンカ)
  • Artist: SEKAI NO OWARI
  • Runtime: 5.05   Language: Japanese
  • Date: March 12, 2018

Sasanqua by SEKAI NO OWARI is the lead track of their latest single, Sazanka. Named after a species of Camellia flower native to China and Japan, it tells the story of two brothers, from the perspective of the older brother who stands by and silently but continuously supports his younger brother’s aspirations to build a career of his dream.

The lyrics discuss how, as the ever-present silent supporter, the older brother can clearly see that his sibling has the potential to shine and succeed in achieving his dream, even when the world outside appears harsh and ignores his talent. While he is only able to stand by his brother’s side and can do nothing to actually solve his brother’s problems of being rejected, he offers solace, telling his brother through the song that any protagonist will face challenges and will be laughed at by people who don’t understand the significance of his work, but that as his family, the brother understands his struggles and perseverance to succeed.

The visuals complement this with a narrative of the older brother constantly looking out for his sibling, preparing his meals and making sure he gets adequate rest, and even being patient and forgiving when the younger brother vents his frustration on him, never ceasing to cheer him on. In the end, the younger brother holds an exhibition, with the central artwork being a painting of the meal his brother had cooked for him, which he had tossed aside in anger, cementing a bond between them even without any words being exchanged.

We too, should not forget those who continue to support us in the difficult points in our lives. On that note, SEKAI NO OWARI will be holding various live events from April 7 to 24 June.

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