• Title: CLAP (박수)
  • Artist: SEVENTEEN
  • Runtime: 3:30   Language: Korean
  • Date: November 13, 2017

SEVENTEEN’s new song, “CLAP” from their second album ‘TEEN, AGE’ deserves a round of applause!

The lyrics talk about consoling us for all the times we experience the most unfortunate things in the most unfortunate moments. Include all those fleeting moments that we wish would last longer and the minute frustrations. SEVENTEEN convinces us that it’s alright, even when we think these things only befall unto us, we aren’t alone. We just need to gather round. Altogether we clap our hands and enjoy our lives instead of dwelling onto these situations that we cannot alter. There will be times when things don’t go the way we expect them to be, crushing our determination and keeping us trapped within our own inhibitions. Whenever those things happen, we just need to give our biggest applause to our biggest failures. We clap to enjoy, clap for courage, and we clap to conquer.

SEVENTEEN’s dance performance in the music video radiates energy and vigor that will have us clapping our worries away. The bonus? They’re even shooting finger hearts! Enjoy and get inspired with SEVENTEEN’s “CLAP” music video.

Watch CLAP - Choreography Video
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