• Title: Don't Wanna Cry (울고 싶지 않아)
  • Artist: SEVENTEEN
  • Runtime: 3:26   Language: Korean
  • Date: June 4, 2017

As you’re leaving someone, or breaking off a relationship, sometimes the only thing you can think is a desperate plea. The members of SEVENTEEN wrote this feeling into the lyrics of their single "Don’t Wanna Cry" (울고 싶지 않아). The thirteen members dance in wide barren deserts and empty beaches, they stand alone in busy cities and under giant windmills, and through it all the fear of being left alone is clear. Featuring crisp and soulful choreography, the music video from SEVENTEEN’s new album AI1 is an emotional and slightly hopeful treat.

In “Don’t Wanna Cry”, SEVENTEEN hopes that they can watch the person they love walk away without crying. “Don’t Wanna Cry” is the group’s first EDM song, and the music choice is a great twist on the mood of the track. While it is painful to see the lonely scenes and upset dance moves, the bright EDM sound gives the feeling that maybe SEVENTEEN’s wish will be granted. Maybe one day they’ll be able to greet a person they used to love with a smile. Be sure to watch SEVENTEEN’s new music video. “Don’t Wanna Cry” is a satisfying emotional release without any of the tears.

Watch SEVENTEEN - Don't Wanna Cry - Choreography Video
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