• Bio
  • Sharon Kwan (關詩敏)
  • Chinese American Mandopop Singer; Actor
  • Born in Los Angeles, California on October 12, 1995 (Libra)
  • Started the singing career by becoming the overall champion of the Chinese Million Star 1 (華人星光大道) in June 2011
  • TV Drama: Dragon Gate
  • Record Label: Seed Music
  • Popular Songs: The Nearness of You (半個地球的掛念), First Love (魔法愛情), Miss Kiss Express (快遞甜心)
  • Albums: Home Girl (關在家)
  • Awards: Best New Artiste awards on the 20th Chinese Music Chart; Nominated for Taiwan and Hong Kong Most Popular New Artiste of the Top Star Awards; Nominated for Most Popular New Artiste of the HITO Music Awards, Nominated for Most Popular New Artiste
  • Videos
Sharon Kwan’s “Happiness For One” (一個人也可以幸福) is the ending song of the network drama...
Sharon Kwan’s newest song “Luv Me Luv Me” (要說出來) is the leading track of her second album...
  • Albums
  • Blossom (綻放2.0)
  • Album  ·  July 28, 2016
  1. Luv Me Luv me (要說出來)
  2. Blossom (綻放2.0)
  3. Happiness for One (一個人也可以幸福)
  4. Shh… (別說)
  5. Heaven Knows (心動了)
  6. Sky Tree(天空樹)
  7. Not So Far Away Lover (不遠的情人)
  8. GOMF(走開你哪位)
  9. Desire (渴望)
  10. Ways into Love (來得及說再見)
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