• Title: Happiness For One (一個人也可以幸福)
  • Artist: Sharon Kwan
  • Runtime: 4:22   Language: Mandarin
  • Date: August 28, 2016

Sharon Kwan’s “Happiness For One” (一個人也可以幸福) is the ending song of the network drama “Love Me” (我要讓你愛上我). It narrates a real sob story about the protagonist’s life alone after she lost her lover. The beginning of the song tells about the protagonist’s sorrowful emotion when thinking of the lost one for memories they had together, whereas the second half expresses her decision to be strong and be happy by herself.

In the music video, Sharon opens up her superb acting skills, and delivers the audience a sad but beautiful love story. Skirt, books, everything remains the same, but the most important person is no longer there. Blended with Sharon’s sexy and mellow voice, and her tearful beautiful face, it is very easy to get involved and feel the deep sadness from the bottom of the singer’s heart. When the only way to see someone is to look through a framed-photo, everyone can let the tears run out of control. However, this should not be the end of the world for anyone.

The lost one will forever be remembered, but the living one should learn to be strong and to find the happiness for oneself, because one person can also be happy. This is the soul of Sharon’s song.

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