• Title: Luv Me Luv Me (要說出來)
  • Artist: Sharon Kwan
  • Runtime: 3:48   Language: Mandarin
  • Date: August 14, 2016

Sharon Kwan’s newest song “Luv Me Luv Me” (要說出來) is the leading track of her second album “Blossom” (綻放 2.0). Composed by Mark & Eric Van Tijn, Ramon Marco, and Jochem Fluitsma, this song used lively rhythm and laconic lyrics, delivered the message that love takes courage, especially for the guys.

In the music video, Sharon incarnated as a sexy genius, and spoke out her fearless spirit towards love and romance. Acting as a naive girl to love, Sharon played the scene around the telephone booth, in which she got angry and sad when she could not get the proposal from the guy she likes. An amplifier was also used in the video to hint that love needs to be spoken out loudly, which echoed to the lyrics. Blended with the passionate dance and the rhythmic soundtrack, the music video perfectly demonstrated the power of the young and energetic girls and their attitudes towards love.

For many young guys, at times, love takes courage to be expressed in front of the girl they like. Let’s just follow Sharon’s Luv Me Luv Me and your heart to make the move in your romance. You will be surprised that speak out your love can be as easy as counting one, two, and three.

Watch Sharon Kwan - Luv Me Luv Me - Performance Video
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