• Title: Irreplaceable
  • Artist: S.H.E
  • Runtime: 4:27   Language: Mandarin
  • Date: August 21, 2016

S.H.E’s newest song “Irreplaceable” (永遠都在) is the theme song for their [Reunion One in One] exhibition, which was to commemorate this Taiwanese Mandopop girl group’s 15th anniversary. Although S.H.E. has been gradually off the stage as a group, the sincerity among the three members has never gone away. For this special event after 15 years of establishment, the group recorded “Irreplaceable,” to look back into their memorable 15 years together.

The music video opened the scenes with reversing clocks, and brought its audience back to the 15 years spent with S.H.E. in the past. Selina, Hebe, and Ella rode on a flying plate, and journeyed back many moments and achievements they had as a group. Diamonds were used in the video to link between scenes, symbolizing the forever friendship among the girls.

Being as one of the most popular Mandopop girl group in Taiwan, S.H.E. was united with understanding, trust, and capacity. Even though the members have gone for different life paths, they were always there for each other when needed. “As time went by, it did not take away anything, but left lots of great memories.” As sang in the song, because of love, S.H.E. will be there forever. S.H.E. is irreplaceable.

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