• Title: When We First Came to This World (最初來到世界的模樣)
  • Artist: Shennio Lin
  • Runtime: 4:09   Language: Mandarin
  • Date: July 16, 2017

As we learn how to speak and act differently in the process of growing up, we slowly forget our innocent and truthful self, our dreams and aspiration, and how we were as a child. Therefore, in Shennio Lin’s newly released song “When We First Came to This World” (最初來到世界的模樣), she reminds us of our childhood dreams and beliefs, and encourages us to go back to our innocent selves.

The lyrics are written by Wu I-Wei (吳易緯), which talks about one’s years of building up life’s achievements, wearing not just presentable clothes, but also an unnatural smile. She was then reminded of her childlike self, and expressed her weariness of giving up her desires and pride to cope with the world’s expectations. Therefore, the melodies of the ballad, coupled with Shennio’s clean and flawless voice, exhibit a sorrowful adult singing in an honest and truthful voice of a young girl.

As this song is written for the romance comedy movie “Mom Thinks I'm Crazy to Marry a Japanese Guy” (雖然媽媽說我不可以嫁去日本), the music video shows some scenes from the movie along with snippets of the video with Shennio singing in the background. The movie talks about a Taiwanese woman who overcame language and cultural barrier to marry a Japanese man, despite opposition from people around her. Hence, the song and the movie echoed a similar theme – happiness is where you are true to yourself and not acting according to people’s expectations.

What were you like when you were a child? What did you want to be when you grow up? In our lifetime, we did as much as we could to blend into the society, we sacrifice our innocence and inner child and grow up to be malicious, pretentious and weary adults. So perhaps let this song to give us the courage to stop living for others and spend the rest of our life achieving what you want for yourself.

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