• Title: Blood Revenge (血一般紅)
  • Artist: Shiga Lin
  • Runtime: 4:12   Language: Cantonese
  • Date: April 17, 2016

Shiga Lin's 2016 new song Blood Revenge (血一般紅) shows new attempt in her own music career. Departing from her music styles from the past, Shiga in this Trip Hop song displays a brand new image as a cool mature lady in two outfits that allows her inner strength to be manifested: one as pale and blonded-hair, another as a lady in black with fresh black short hair. The two sides of Shiga appear in the MV alternatively, expressing her fury towards her ex-lover who does not feel guilty towards having an affair. Rather than mourning and crying endlessly for the lost love, Shiga takes on a revenge towards this disloyal lover and decides to not to bother about any updates from this ex-lover.

This song rewrites the entire portrayal of the woman image in Shiga's past works - someone who is no longer vulnerable but will ask for retaliation; surpassing the level of an eye for an eye but an eye for an entire life. After all, Shiga is but expressing the fierce sides of the women who are deeply injured by being hurt by men.

In fact, Shiga shows her philanthropic side by active participation in charity events. In April 9, 2016, she participated in the 30 Hour Famine with World Vision along with thousands of participants in Hong Kong in support to the third-world countries that are suffering from food insufficiency.

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