• Title: Unwilling (不甘示弱) feat. Justin Lo
  • Artist: Shiga Lin
  • Runtime: 3:38   Language: Cantonese
  • Date: September 30, 2017

Did you end your last relationship in a hard way and regretted later? Was that your heart or your anger made the decision? Often, people let their anger take over the control and do not put more thoughts in their decisions. In Shiga Lin's (連詩雅) new single Unwilling (不甘示弱), she provided a perfect example of this situation.

Written by Abrahim Chan (陳詠謙) and composed by Justin Lo (側田), Unwilling is a joint effort of Shiga and Justin. The lyrics started with the ending of a relationship, but focused on Shiga's thoughts and feelings afterwards. By telling her lover that she no longer loved him, Shiga ended her relationship; however, she regretted and admitted that she could have taken a step back and given it another chance. While she had been through unpleasant moments, she wished she would have been brave enough and not acted childish. Though she became mature later, she lost the chance to continue being with her lover.

Although Justin Lo contributed his voice to Shiga's new song, Eric Leung (梁嘉進) performed the lead male role in Shiga's music video, in which Shiga and Eric's had an interrupted relationship by Eric's phone calls. While Shiga felt Eric took his business with others more serious than her, she was upset and decided to call it an end. Using a door to symbolize the love between Shiga and Eric, they lingered in and out and could not make up the minds. Finally, Shiga exited and left Eric inside alone, hinting the end between the two.

The storyline was quite simple but very representative. As phone is an important element of people's lives, the face-to-face communication becomes luxury. People are too busy with the small screens and always forget to look and talk to the person sitting right in front of them. If you were Shiga, will you be acceptable to this phenomenon, or will you get upset and walk away? While maybe it is very annoying to you and making you feel left out, you may want to talk it out and give it another chance; otherwise, your unwilling to step back and think again will end up with a regret, as described in Shiga's Unwilling.

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