• Bio
  • Shiggy Jr. (シギージュニア)
  • Band with four members (Vocals-Ikeda Tomoko, Guitar-Harada Shigeyuki, Bass-Mori Natsuhiko, Drums-Moroishi Kazuma)
  • Genre: J-pop
  • The group started off in December 2012 as a garage band formed by Ikeda Tomoko, Harada Shigeyuki and three other classmates during their university days.
  • The group debuted with mona records in November 2013, then switched to UNIVERSAL SIGMA (Universal Music) in 2015.
  • Record Label: UNIVERSAL SIGMA
  • Popular Songs: Summertime Love, LISTEN TO THE MUSIC, Saturday night to Sunday morning
  • Singles: Summertime Love, GHOST PARTY, Koishitara baby
  • Videos
Shiggy Jr. has released the music video for "Beautiful Life", the title track of their 4th single of the same name,...
  • Albums
  • Beautiful Life
  • Single  ·  August 24, 2016
  1. Beautiful Life
  2. Hello Goodbye
  3. Still Love You (royal mirrorball mix)
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