• Title: Beautiful Life
  • Artist: Shiggy Jr.
  • Runtime: 4:11   Language: Japanese
  • Date: August 21, 2016

Shiggy Jr. has released the music video for "Beautiful Life", the title track of their 4th single of the same name, scheduled for release on 24 August 2016. The video features scenes from various commercials for insurance, food, cosmetics, watches, beverages, diet products, credit cards and more. These fictitious products all share the same name, "Beautiful Life". The members of Shiggy Jr. make their appearance in the video as the commercials' film production crew.

The video has a really unique and fun concept, and one can't help but smile at the creativity that has gone into the making of the video, such as using parts of the song lyrics as promotion lines for the commercials, and finally making their own commercial for their new single during the last chorus. The lyrics tell us to enjoy life, and even if things go wrong, to always give it our 1000% so that there will be no regrets.

"Beautiful Life" is also the current ending theme song for NHK E-TV's anime series "Kyoukai no RINNE" (境界のRINNE). Shiggy Jr. will be embarking on a nationwide tour this coming autumn, with a total of 8 stops around Japan.

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