• Bio
  • Shiny - 姚亦晴 Shiny Yao
  • Born on September 11, 1996 (Virgo)
  • Taiwanese singer
  • Official debuted with the release of “Shiny – EP” in 2014
  • Record Label: EMI, Universal Music Taiwan
  • Agency: X Entertainment
  • Popular Songs: Getting Stronger (漸強); Wall (墻); Tiny World (小世界); Love is a Novel (愛是一本小說); Da Bomb
  • Videos
As long as I know who I am, it doesn't matter what am I in the eyes of others. But the question is – do I even know...
Ambiguous and mystery make love exciting and beautiful. In Shiny's (姚亦晴) "If You Want Me", she vividly...
  • Albums
  • Getting Stronger (漸強)
  • Album  ·  January 20, 2017
  1. If You Want Me
  2. Knowing Myself (我不認識的我)
  3. Getting Stronger (漸強)
  4. Faith In Love (本領)
  5. Nah (才怪)
  6. First Love (夢著)
  7. Eternal Repatriation (永恆的遣送)
  8. Conquered (馴獸師)
  9. DJ
  10. Sunshine (曬太陽)