• Title: If You Want Me
  • Artist: Shiny
  • Runtime: 3:47   Language: Mandarin
  • Date: February 5, 2017

Ambiguous and mystery make love exciting and beautiful. In Shiny's (姚亦晴) "If You Want Me", she vividly described the inner feeling of those who were waiting for the confession of love.

Written by J. Shen and composed by Mickey Lin (林欣彥), If You Want Me is included in Shiny's very first album, "Getting Stronger" (漸強). The lyrics narrated a girl's experience of withholding her feelings and waiting for the boy to confess his love. Although the girl has fallen for the boy's charm and saw the sparkles between them, the relationship has not yet confirmed. If the boy wants the girl, he should be brave and stop toggling her heart to keep her wondering.

The music video deducted an interesting story on how to get the girl you want in an alternative way. In the story, a nerd fell in love with Shiny when he saw her on TV. He wanted her so much but did not have the guts to confront. Instead, he spent his life on robotic skills and produced a robot just like her. When he became old, he finally succeeded. He could enjoy the tea and papers while his robot Shiny served him, his dream thus has eventually become true.

Unrequited love may keep people excited, but shouldn't possession be the only reward to the hard effort of loving someone? However, if you don't speak out, you will never have an opportunity to enjoy this reward. Let's come to the front and put our love into action!

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