• Bio
  • Show Lo (羅志祥 Luo Zhixiang)
  • Born on July 30, 1979 (Leo) in Keelung, Taiwan
  • Entered the entertainment industry in 1995 as a contestant for a televised impersonating competition
  • Record labels: EMI Entertainment (Taiwan) Ltd., Pony Canyon, SONY Music Entertainment (Taiwan) Ltd. (previous), Gold Typhoon Music Co. Ltd. (previous), Avex Taiwan (previous)
  • Popular songs: “Jing Wu Men”, “Showtime”, Only For You, 9ood Show, Lion Roar, Reality Show?
  • TV Drama Series: Shenzhen Roommate Diaries, Hi My Sweetheart, Hot Shot, Corner with Love
  • Films: The Mermaid, Journey to the West: Conquering the Demons
  • Videos
“Let Go” is the lead single of Show Lo’s eleventh album Reality Show? Show participated in songwriting the...
  • Albums
  • Reality Show? (真人秀?)
  • Album  ·  November 20, 2015
  1. Let Go (夠了)
  2. Silent Runaway (無聲的失控)
  3. Come Back Baby (致命傷)
  4. Together In Love (feat. Suzy of Miss A) (幸福特調)
  5. Best Friend (說真話的朋友)
  6. Deal With Your Love (從愛發落)
  7. Bad Girl
  8. Crazy For You (欠你的吧)
  9. I Need An Excuse To Forget You (誰)
  10. Goodbye My Love (再見陌生人)
  11. Open Your Eyes (大開眼界)
  12. Pole Star (feat. May J) (北極星)
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