• Title: I Like That
  • Artist: SISTAR
  • Runtime: 3:59   Language: Korean
  • Date: June 26, 2016

SISTAR has finally released their new music video for I Like That, which is the first song featured in their fourth EP, Insane Love. A special note about this exciting dance song is that the group has collaborated with Black Eyed Pilseung, who are well-known for producing songs for many big K-pop groups. They had previously produced the song Touch My Body for SISTAR before.

The song is about a guy who seems to be cheating on the girls and they sing back that he should just go stay with the girls he's cheating them on. No matter what they do, the girls cannot be good enough for him and the guy will never change his playboy ways. But even so, it's the guy's bad boy nature that makes the girls like him. There's a struggle between the heartbreak of lying, but the heartthrobbing draw of the guy's mischievous behavior. Hence, it reflects the saying of how women tend to fall for bad boys.

The music video has a Chinese flair to it with Chinese red lanterns, some of the girls fine chinese clothing, hanfu, and tattoos with Chinese. The choreography is sexy and the girls don't shy away to strut their dancing and singing skills.

Watch SISTAR - I Like That - Dance Practice
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