• Title: One More Day ft. Giorgio Moroder
  • Artist: SISTAR
  • Runtime: 4:46   Language: Korean
  • Date: November 27, 2016

SISTAR released a new song featuring the well-known Giorgio Moroder who had also composed and arranged their song, One More Day. The song is about a yearning love that may not seem right at first, but in the end, this person will still wait for this loved one. The person loves the other so much that they really want to be with them, but they cannot be together for certain reasons.

The music video explains this very clearly through the situation of same-sex relationships. As seen, the audience may believe that the two girls in the MV are best friends, however, we begin to see clues that one of the girls has strong feelings for the other. This is a very bold decision on Sistar for creating a video that revolves around this controversy. However, the MV and song brings positive awareness, showing that love conquers all no matter the differences. This is definitely a big step to making k-pop songs that portray societal issues. Sistar is greatly applauded and appreciated for making such a song with a renowned artist.

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