• Title: Adventure (アドベンチャー)
  • Artist: SKY-HI
  • Runtime: 4:21   Language: Japanese
  • Date: January 29, 2017

"Adventure" is one of the tracks on SKY-HI's newest album, "OLIVE." The song describes the adventure that is being alive, with all of the many people journeying through life around us the characters of our tale. SKY-HI urges us to sally forth, cherishing every moment; even our worst ones. After all, as the story that plays out in the "Adventure" MV demonstrates, sometimes what seems like the worst possible situation can end up becoming one of your best memories.

AAA, the main group that SKY-HI is associated with when not working solo, tends to have a generally pop-ish sound. SKY-HI's independent music allows him to fully express himself as a rap artist, with his music ranging from a sound not unlike Western rap to the style used in "Adventure," where rap is combined with saxophones and a myriad of other instruments for an almost jazz-esque sound. "Adventure" was written by SKY-HI, and arranged by Ryuta Sakamoto.

The SKY-HI HALL TOUR 2017 ~WELIVE~ begins March 4th, 2017 and ends on May 2nd with a show at the Budokan in Tokyo. The tour will be stopping at a variety of locations throughout Japan.

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