• Title: Silly Game
  • Artist: SKY-HI
  • Runtime: 3:48   Language: Japanese
  • Date: June 4, 2017

Silly Game is written and produced by SKY-HI like all the songs from the record single. The song is a mix of pop and edge which Mitsuhiro Hidaka's friend, SUPER FLYERS, participated in the performance. With Silly Game, SHY-HI is dramatically evolving his writing skills . Even though this song has a happy melody, the lyrics compare love to a cage. The main part of the video is filmed in a room with a girl who is standing silently in the middle of the room with a guitar, during the chorus everybody starts dancing and everything seems fun and happy but in reality, they are trapped in a cage.

This is exactly what the lyrics want to tell, love is a cage. Also, the singer asks to set him free from that cage, because he can’t escape, he is trapped and in the end of the song he asks who is happy.

Silly Game is trying to make you question if love is always happiness or can be a trap.

In general, the song is very catchy and fun to listen to and give a listen to the other songs from the record single.

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