• Artist: Sonar Pocket
  • Runtime: 4:30   Language: Japanese
  • Date: June 5, 2016

"ONE-SIDED LOVE" is a new single by the band "Sonar Pocket." The song may sound upbeat with the music, but the lyrics are talking about how you "Lose when you're the first to fall in love." It centers on the thought of being engrossed with a person, but not having them reciprocate your feelings. Trying to change yourself to fit their ideal type, but eventually admitting to yourself that even if they end up with someone else you'll be happy for them. The dichotomy of the upbeat attitude versus the depressing lyrics is really interesting, and made better through the harmonies of the members of the band.

The MV is extraordinarily simple, with the main band singing while show clips of a man clearly head over heels for the woman, but he knows she'll never be his. The song right now is being used as the second Opening Theme to the anime "Nijiiro Days" (虹色デイズ), or "Rainbow Days" in English.

"Sonar Pocket" will be performing live, Huis Ten Bosch Music Fes. 2016, in Nagasaki Prefecture on June 11th.

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