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  • SpeXial
  • Taiwanese Mandopop boy band
  • Group name is a combination of the words, “eXtra” and “Special”
  • 12 members: Wes (Leader), Wayne, Brent, Sam, Simon, Evan, Teddy, Win, Riley, Ian, Dylan and Zhiwei
  • As new members were added thrice, the group had 4 debut periods: - December 7, 2012: Wes, Wayne, Brent and Sam - June 5, 2014: Simon, Evan and Teddy - January 13, 2015: Win, Riley and Ian - July 19, 2016: Dylan and Zhiwei
  • Record Label: Warner Music Group
  • Popular Songs: Super Style, Love Guardian, Subtle Love, Break It Down
  • Albums: SpeXial, Break It Down, Dangerous
  • Awards: Best New Group and Top 10 Mandarin Songs in Canadian Chinese Pop Music Awards, Most Popular Group in hito Music Awards, Most Promising Artist in Vchart Awards
  • Videos
With energy and power, the boys are making their fangirls swoon with their new album and song “Boyz On Fire”! This...
  • Albums
  • Boyz On Fire
  • Album  ·  August 12, 2016
  1. Boyz On Fire
  2. Exclusive News (獨家頭條)
  3. When Grief Strikes (憂傷來襲)
  4. Love’s Attachment (愛的附加檔案)
  5. Fire Flame
  6. Really Really
  7. Another Day
  8. Sun & Moon (小太陽大月亮)
  9. Glorious
  10. Knight (大俠)
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