• Title: From Now On (從今以後)
  • Artist: Super Girls
  • Runtime: 3:21   Language: Cantonese
  • Date: April 9, 2017

Many relationships ended while the love still existed. This made it very difficult for people to return their own lives without the other's company. In Super Girls' new single "From Now On" (從今以後), the girls shouted out the bitter feeling of living in the sweet moments with the ex after the break-up.

"From Now On" is a sad song following the R&B genre. The lyrics described the heroine's perplexed emotion on how to digest the fact that the relationship had already ended. Just because she had sweet and memorable time with her ex-boyfriend, she felt very sad and unacceptable to be apart. While in her heart her ex-boyfriend was still her only sugar baby, she could only live in her memories to enjoy the love with him.

The music video interpreted the emotion described in the song through a girl's experience on the empty street in the late night. Starred by Fish Liew (廖子妤), the heroine had definitely gone through some illusions with her ex-boyfriend (starred by A. Chow 周祉君) in her imagination. Although her call to her ex was not successful, she suddenly saw him walking in front her in the illusory night. She chased him around and felt his touch and kisses, but finally found out these are all her imagination built based upon her wishes and memories.

As sang in the song, after losing the significant other, your life might be so lonely, from the moment on. It is OK to be sad and depressed about it for a while. But what the song did not spell out was, after you indulged yourself and adopted the new life alone, you should know when to put it down and move on.

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