• Title: Black Suit
  • Artist: Super Junior
  • Runtime: 3:20   Language: Korean
  • Date: November 19, 2017

Super Junior’s “Black Suit” is sure to dazzle ladies everywhere. “Black Suit” is one of the tracks from Super Junior’s 8th album entitled “PLAY” and SM Entertainment released their MV in youtube after their recent comeback MV “One More Chance”.

Super Junior narrates in the lyrics how they’re hearts have been captured. Their hearts are filled with overwhelming want and desire. They wish to charm the woman of their dreams into their open arms. Finally, they decide they’ll woo her by showing her the gentlemen that they are. With the “Black Suit” they’re wearing, they are filled with the right amount of confidence to chase after her, waiting for the right timing to win her over. When they do, they want her to focus on their moment together-- without minding anything, without looking elsewhere.

Suited in elegance, Super Junior takes us into a compelling storyline and wows us with their unwavering dance skills in the music video. Get mesmerized as you listen to and watch Super Junior’s “Black Suit”.

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