• Title: Lo Siento (Feat. Leslie Grace)
  • Artist: Super Junior
  • Runtime: 4:31   Language: Korean
  • Date: April 22, 2018

Super Junior delivers their repackage album “REPLAY” with a little more pizzazz! The title track “Lo Siento” is delightful fusion of different languages, with Leslie Grace as the featuring artist.

Lo Siento” is a tasteful, flirtatious song with its lyrics penned in both Korean and Spanish. Super Junior sings about the beauty and appeal of the woman who caught their eyes. She’s glamorous, perfect and daring. They are captivated, but she’s a tempt. She knows how to lure them in, and she takes small, teasing steps towards them. There’s an apology behind every calculated coy action she makes because it fires up their excitement into a massive emotion of want and desire. But they’ve got time, and they’ll enjoy its luxury as they grow more and more crazy for each other.

Super Junior’s chemistry with Leslie Grace is outstanding despite singing both parties singing in different languages. The song’s choreography showcases the group’s unwavering skills in dancing, and of course, Leslie Grace’s participation in the performance is a gem. Don’t miss this too-good of a song, watch the music video of “Lo Siento” now!

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