• Title: SObeR
  • Artist: Suzy
  • Runtime: 3:15   Language: Korean
  • Date: February 24, 2018

What are the things that people say when they’re drunk? Suzy bares her heart with “SObeR”, from her latest mini album “Faces of Love”.

Alcohol frees people from inhibitions and in the lyrics, Suzy tells us about the true feelings that arise due to a drunken haze. The twists of the words a person’s sober self usually says all round up to simple truths and honest confessions. Her inebriated self becomes impatient and straight up admits her true feelings for that one special person with no pretenses, no bars held. Her worries are all fly away, and the prospect of rejection doesn’t seem to matter at that moment at all. She finally says what she wants to say, lets him know about all her thoughts, and coaxes him to do the same too. At the very end, with all courage, she admits she’s not drunk at all, but it simply means her feelings for him are genuine and true.

The music video of “SObeR” is a colorful and creative depiction of how it feels to be drunk, wild, in love and carefree. Suzy’s dance performance is perfect mix of sexy and sophistication, and her soothing voice matches the overall concept of the song and the video itself. Watch and listen to Suzy’s “SObeR”, and you just might get inspired to give that confession a go!

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