• Title: Flame of Love
  • Artist: Taemin
  • Runtime: 4:12   Language: Japanese
  • Date: July 16, 2017

"Flame of Love" is one of the songs on TAEMIN's newest mini album of the same name. The title "Flame of Love" as well as the imagery of fire used in the MV refers to the painful emotion of remaining in love with someone after your relationship with them has come to an end. The embers of love smolder on and won't seem to go out, such that any thing of beauty ends up reminding you of your heartache. In the song, TAEMIN laments that his heart will continue to burn until one day when those feelings melt the heart of his lover and she comes back to him.

As the forms of birds circle around him, TAEMIN describes feeling trapped in place even as he hears the songs of those birds as they fly away into the morning mist. In the MV, there's moment he too has wings; but those wings dissolve into ash before he can escape from his memories.

The MV for "Flame of Love" shares many aspects of its imagery with TAEMIN's 2016 "Sayonara Hitori" MV. The song begins quietly, but builds gradually to an explosion of sound, movement, and flames. In both MVs, TAEMIN's unique style of dancing is combined artfully with blossoms and fire to express passion and anguish in a visceral and entrancing performance.

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