• Title: MOVE
  • Artist: Taemin
  • Runtime: 3:53   Language: Korean
  • Date: October 29, 2017

Taemin is back with his “MOVE”, the title track for his 2nd full length album of the same title.

The lyrics begin with Taemin’s invitation to get drunk with the strange, inescapable mood. The kind that allows one to let go and let loose. It’s the one where you can dive into imperfection—get your hair tangled, loosen your stance, allow your makeup to get smudged, get your crisp shirt wrinkled. Still, in his eyes it’s perfect. It’s beautiful. Under the dark lights, it’s the elegant gestures, the secretive looks, and the flickering moves that capture him. It’s a strange yet breathtaking attraction. It captures him, captivates him into a speechless awe. Nothing can express the perfection, not a facial expression nor a single sentence. The moves could go on repeat, and he wants them just like that.

The music video showcases Taemin’s simplistic yet sophisticated dance moves. Paired with his unique voice color, Taemin gives us a captivating performance that builds anticipation throughout the whole video.

MOVE” is a song that fascinates the ears and enthralls the body to move. Go watch the music video, and listen to the many other songs from the album as well.

Watch Move - Dance Practice Video
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