• Title: Press Your Number (태민)
  • Artist: Taemin
  • Runtime: 4:47   Language: Korean
  • Date: March 6, 2016

After coming out slick and smooth with Danger, Taemin has not failed fans with his first studio album, Press It, released on February 23, 2016, and also had released a music video for his promo single, Press Your Number. In its own uniqueness, the song has pinch of electro-funk, but still holds the K-pop sound. The style is all too familiar as it was composed and arranged by the famous Bruno Mars and The Stereotypes, who have worked with Chris Brown, Justin Bieber, and even SHINee before.

The lyrics, with credits to Taemin, talks about a heartbreaking breakup as Taemin begs for the girl to answer his phone call. He yearns for her every being and wittingly changes from singing “press your number” to “press my number”, hoping for a change heart where the girl calls him instead him calling her.

The music video was beautifully filmed with a cinematic look. We see Taemin living a rich thug life, however, things seem to have a double overturn. It looks like our pretty boy is experiencing a little deja vu as at first, we thought the girl was getting robbed, tied up, and abused. Then we see a crossover and it is Taemin who is the victim. Perhaps he’s beginning to understand how the girl felt in the relationship and he is reaping the karma.

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