• Title: 5150
  • Runtime: 4:21   Language: Japanese
  • Date: October 30, 2016

THE ORAL CIGARETTES are back with their 6th single, enigmatically titled "5150". With an enchanting melody and subtly anxious tone, the title track "5150" bursts with powerful lyrics written by Takuya Yamanaka, the band's lead vocalist.

The most impressionistic part of the song is the chorus, where he sings "I won't give up, no matter how long the road is. I won't let you go, no matter how many people are waiting for that to happen". The music video itself shows some destructive scenes as Takuya Yamanaka smashing chairs, lights which lead the house in frames. Perhaps this shows the anxiety, frustration or pain about their expectation and love. The numbers 5150 are scattered throughout the lyrics as well, making the listener wonder at the hidden meaning behind them.

THE ORAL CIGARETTES will be attending a live show, LIVE FOR THE NEXT presents by JFL, on November 28 in Osaka and fans can also see Japanese alternative rock band ASIAN KUNG-FU GENERATION in the show as well.

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