• Title: Black Memory
  • Runtime: 4:18   Language: Japanese
  • Date: August 19, 2017

Black Memory by THE ORAL CIGARETTES serves as the title track of their 8th single, also of the same name. The song takes on the very dark theme of of a completely bleak outlook on life, such that each passing moment in this reality only further adds to a ‘black memory’ that is not pleasant.

The lyrics discuss the idea of feeling trapped in one’s current reality, likened to being a maze or labyrinth with many paths leading to dead ends and no exit routes, a feeling that stems from feeling like an outsider in a world one doesn’t understand. The song also refers to another, more powerful being that can destroy the speaker, and includes pleas to that person to let him live, with a dejected resignation to accept whatever happens as a result.

These depressing overtones are also made clear in the MV, right from the very beginning where we see a woman fall from a building after whispering the words “Black Memory”, falling into a dilapidated basement where the band performs under low lighting, further adding to the depressing mood of the song, with only some scenes being sung in brighter daylight, but even then, speaking of not caring about what happens to oneself.

These ideas align with the central theme of the film, Ajin, for which the song is to be used as the main theme. The record single will be released on 27 September 2017, 3 days prior to the release of the affiliated film.

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