• Title: Shala La
  • Runtime: 3:26   Language: Japanese
  • Date: February 12, 2017

THE ORAL CIGARETTES have amped up their usual rock style with a hefty dose of swing in their single “Shala La,” which is on their album “ UNOFFICIAL.” The song was written and composed by Takuya Yamanaka.

This catchy song has a kind of manic energy to it right from the opening riffs and keeps up the frenetic energy throughout the whole song. The lyrics suggest a man so infatuated with a woman that he can’t look at anyone else, but it’s not necessarily a happy tryst; rather, the woman seems to be controlling him and oblivious to his pain.

The video has some strong erotic/BDSM connotations as the women sitting around the table are dressed in provocative, dominatrix-like outfits and Takuya, lying prone on the table amongst the various food dishes, seems to be offering himself up to them. They calmly and somewhat disinterestedly eat a variety of phallic and sensual foods (sausages, strawberries, etc.) at first, but they get more and more aggressive with time.

Then, at the climax of the song the women throw off their jackets and begin to attack Takuya all at once until a foreign woman comes out and throws off the other women, only to take Takuya for herself.

The video seems to suggest that the woman at the end “owns” Takuya completely, both body and soul, and he is powerless to resist her. It doesn’t seem like a healthy connection, but rather one that he feels unable to escape.

THE ORAL CIGARETTES will be starting their next tour in Shinkiba, Tokyo on March 11, and their final date will be June 16 in Kudanshita, Tokyo.

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