• Title: Tonariau (トナリアウ)
  • Runtime: 5:17   Language: Japanese
  • Date: July 2, 2017

THE ORAL CIGARETTESTonariau (トナリアウ) serves as the main title track of their 7th single ONE’S AGAIN.

In a deeply evocative five minutes, the song grapples with various philosophical aspects behind human and romantic relationships, intricately interweaving the sense of timelessness that marks a truly genuine bond between people in love, with the ideas of the myriad of color and vibrancy that love brings to a person’s life, as shown in the lyrics that illustrate how meeting someone you love adds color to what is described as a formerly plain, “white happiness”.

The song also contains some darker undertones such as separations, distance and waiting for the return of one’s loved one in sadness. This presents time apart as a sort of entrapping prison, an idea that is hauntingly captured with the ominous ticking of the clock at the beginning of the music video, and the repeated images of the clock running anti-clockwise, expressing one’s desire to turn back time to reunite with what they’ve lost.

Recounting the writing process in an official blog post, lead singer Takuya Yamanaka revealed that he thought about the central themes of Sakurada Reset, the anime series for which the song is the ending theme and about the message he wanted to send to the listeners, and that as he wrote the song, he felt overflowing emotions that he couldn’t condense into a single song, and therefore channelled that into another song, ONE’S AGAIN, which has also been released alongside Tonariau.

In the end, we should remember the song’s final message to treasure those with us in the present, for once time has passed, there is no way to turn it back beyond remembering those times as memories as we enjoy listening.

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