• Title: Not Good Enough (是我不夠好)
  • Artist: Tia Lee
  • Runtime: 3:39   Language: Mandarin
  • Date: May 1, 2016

On a boxing arena, whoever is knocked down is deemed the loser; how is this dynamics manifested within a relationship? Tia Lee's Not Good Enough tells that in a relationship, the person who is left standing is not necessary the winner of the combat. A relationship can be as tired and exhaustive as combating on a boxing arena when miscommunication exists.

The song narrates the inner struggle of the girl who is getting exhausted from the relationship as her partner does not show reciprocal love and affection. Therefore, the girl wonders if it is her problem of being not good enough to be loved by her partner. She sings the frustration of sustaining this tiring relationship as her partner is wasting her time - ultimately, she realized that her partner could be a good friend, a good brother, or a good companion, but never a good lover. After all the inner struggling and combating, the girl comes to a conclusion that it may be the best if she remains alone herself because she is not good enough yet.

This song is the debut song of Tia as she joins Sony Music in 2016 and also the ending song to the Korean drama Twenty Again. This MV is filmed by the famous Taiwanese MV director Jude Chen, comparing a relationship to a boxing arena to show the frustrated and tiring side when one holds onto a relationship that is non-reciprocal.

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