• Title: Just As I Am
  • Artist: Tomomi Itano
  • Runtime: 4:27   Language: Japanese
  • Date: March 12, 2018

Just As I Am by Tomomi Itano is the title track of her tenth single, of the same name. The title cleverly weaves together two key concerns of the song, first, of personal growth, and second, the acknowledgement that this journey of growth is one that must be walked alone. These ideas are two diverging takes on the title, for growth comes from choosing not to stay just the way one is now, but also, one’s growth can only impact that individual alone.

These ideas are clearly reflected in the visuals, which almost always feature Itano walking forwards, towards her goals in life, always in vibrant, colorful settings that evoke the dynamism of life. However, she is always shown to be completely alone throughout the entire clip, suggesting that this journey of growth is deeply personal, and cannot be mediated by anyone else.

The lyrics also echo the same thoughts, discussing how she has not yet reached her goals, but is still making progress and still has the ability to realize her ideal future someday. At the same time, they acknowledge that while our life paths may intersect with others for a time, there will come a point where they too, have to pursue their own paths. But even when our paths diverge, one must have the resolve to continue walking along their own path.

Tomomi Itano will be going on live tour around Japan from April 21 to May 12.

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