• Bio
  • Miho Karasawa (唐沢 美帆)
  • Performing under stage name ‘TRUE’ since 2014
  • Born July 15th, 1983 (Cancer)
  • Origin: Tokyo, Japan
  • Record Label: Lantis
  • Made her debut in 2000 with the song ‘Anytime, Anywhere’
  • Previous Songs: ‘Cloudy’, ‘Kimi no Kakera’ (君のかけら)
  • Previoius Albums: "Butterfly Effector", "From" (フロム Furomu), "Soundscape" (サウンドスケープ)
  • Videos
‘Sincerely’, the theme song of anime ‘Violet Evergarden’, is included in the anime’s artist CD....
  • Albums
  • Violet Evergarden Intro Theme Song: Sincerely
  • Single  ·  January 31, 2018
  1. Sincerely
  2. Awa Kage Se Chi (泡影セカイ)
  3. Futari Goto (ふたりごと)
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