• Title: Sincerely
  • Artist: TRUE
  • Runtime: 4:42   Language: Japanese
  • Date: February 24, 2018

Sincerely’, the theme song of anime ‘Violet Evergarden’, is included in the anime’s artist CD. The song is written and sang by TRUE (Miho Karasawa), and composed and arranged by Shota Horie.

The song portrays the thoughts of someone who have not confessed their feelings to their love interest. The lyrics start from explaining how for the protagonist, getting to know new words help describe their feelings of the past better, which infers the complexity of these feelings. Realizing the existence of words that intrigue feelings that have to be experienced mutually, the protagonist reassesses their relationship with the secret feeling they have for the other person. Halfway after writing a letter the protagonist becomes frustrated by the lack of recipient of the letter, but decides finally to be honest to their feelings and one day confess to their love interest.

The music video tells a story in a slightly different take of the lyrics, showing that it’s open to multiple interpretations. The actors in medi-eval costumes portray the story of a street violin player and a girl he falls in love with. After exchanging several letters, the secret affair is found out and the girl is not allowed out of the house. In the final scene, the violinist walks into the forest with his suitcase and it is a sad ending.

However, the song gives courage to those who harbor a secret feeling for someone and reassures us that we will be able to live our lives to the fullest and be honest to ourselves.

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