• Title: Heart Shaker
  • Artist: TWICE
  • Runtime: 3:12   Language: Korean
  • Date: December 27, 2017

Heart Shaker” is yet another exciting single from TWICE. The track is from the 1st Album Repackage “Merry & Happy”.

The lyrics of “Heart Shaker” recounts the feelings of wanting to confess to someone you like. It’s nerve-wracking, it’s heart-pounding and it gives you all the jitters. The thought of finally expressing your feelings for someone makes you question all your moves, whether it is right or wrong, or if it’s the right time. It’s an inner battle between wanting to bravely put your feelings forward and worrying about being awkward. With each passing day, the hesitation just makes the feelings grow stronger. The song urges the listeners to be brave, to take action, for it may become a bigger fret in the future if the feelings remain hidden and unsaid. There is a wish and a hope that the person you love reciprocates your feelings, but to know if they actually do, you must first to take the leap.

The music video focuses on the well-crafted choreography while the girls give us a solid dance performance in a colorful winter settings that perfectly matches the energy of the track and the holidays. Sing along and dance to TWICE’s “Heart Shaker”!

Watch Heart Shaker - Dance Practice Video
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